Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Little D's first day at pre-school!

Well what a strange feeling this is!!!  My baby has gone off to preschool for her first morning!  Its such a weird feeling, excitement at having a quiet house and being able to get bits done whilst knowing she is having great fun, whilst feeling extremely weird not having my baby running round my feet!!  She was so excited about going and was saying Goodbye to us before they had even opened the doors!  I am sure she is having the time of her life and hasn't even noticed that I'm not there!

Of course Dude the Turtle had to go too!!!

Well I am going to go and try and get my workshop sorted out and prepare some future projects I haven't been able to put onto paper yet!


  1. So grown up! B started big school this week, and loves it. He now runs in without even a backward glance!

  2. Glad he is enjoying it! Enjoy your extra free time before the next one arrives. x


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