Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Holiday Blues!

After a fantastic holiday in France I have finally got round to writing my blog. Yes we did actually get back a week ago but it seems to have taken me a while to get my work head back on! We had a really enjoyable time down in Royan near the South of France in our little caravan. All very relaxing, eating lots of nice French food and playing in the sun on the beach. We had great fun playing pirates and finding lots of unusual coloured and shaped sea glass on the beach which will soon be incorporated into some jewellery pieces. Some of the aqua coloured pieces are just gorgeous and may end up being kept by me! I am considering offering a service to people so they can search out their own sea glass whilst on their holidays, then as a lovely memory of their time they can send it to me to be made into a necklace, bracelet or whatever they wish. It's great having something from your holiday which you can look at and it can take you back to your memories of where you were. Little D really loved running around on the beach and swimming in the pool, she has come back as a little water baby!
Here is Little D trying to find some sea glass for her mummy's jewellery. She was a bit of a cool dude on holiday as you can see!

Well since we have been back it seems Autumn is most certainly on it's way, nights getting darker and it's definitely getting a bit cooler! To be honest though I love this time of year, there is nothing quite like being snuggled up in doors when it's raining outside. It's giving me lots of inspiration for my jewellery and it the next few weeks I am going to be making some autumnal inspired jewellery for my website. Hopefully I will be finding I have a bit more time to concentrate on my jewellery as little D starts pre-school tomorrow!! It's quite a scary thought as it has gone so fast but also I am so excited for her, she can't wait and is so ready. Also, rather selfishly, I am looking forward to having a couple of mornings to myself so I can get some more jewellery made! I may have to change my name to Trinkets by Morning!! hee!! haa!! Anyway keep an eye on my website for some new additions.

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