Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Finally a new blog!

Yes finally I have got round to blogging, it has been on my to do list but just hasn't happened! Well I would like to say I have been really busy making jewellery and creating some new designs but unfortunately I have spent the last month or so dealing with the boring (but important) admin side of Trinkets. As you may have noticed my website has been updated with new images and a bit of a makeover. This has taken quite some time to get sorted and there is still some tweaking to be done but it is nearly there. Also I have been sourcing new boxes, booking up craft fairs for the year and sorting out lots of paperwork etc.

I attended a Craft Fair at Winchester Guildhall a couple of weeks ago and this was a great success. I had a really successful day and met many new friendly fellow crafters. It was a great opportunity to see what other people in the area have been creating and to have a good chat with them. I met a friend, Mia, who has a lovely website and creates lots of chainmaille bracelets which are just amazing. I am going to give this a try soon as they looked so lovely and I think would be quite therapeutic to make (I will let you know). You can see Mias website at http://www.jewellerybymia.com/, her work is really lovely. I have another craft fair back at Winchester Guildhall on Saturday 12th June 2010 so please come along and see me.

In between getting the behind the scenes sorted we have managed to enjoy the small amount of sun and had a great barbeque yesterday, in between the cloudy moments. Here is a snippet of my little one enjoying her 'cocktail' in the garden!

Well please keep an eye on my website for some new arrivals for the summer, I have a lovely stock of new pink agate beads on their way to my house! Ooohh they are scrummy!
Take Care, Heidi


  1. Hi Heidi,
    I love what I've seen of your jewellery so far and I'm off to look at your website....Yes, it's not always easy to create or write on your blog when the kids are around. I have a scruffy bit of paper where I scribble down topics for blog posts as I think of them. Then, if you've got a week where nothing much is happening, you can take something from there. BTW I thought you might be Swiss seeing as your name is Heidi...

  2. Thanks for your comment and yes it is hard to keep up a blog! Especially with a busy little one!! hee!! haa!! Going to check out your blog too!

  3. Sorry forgot to say no I am not swiss, English, just my parents liked the name!


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