Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Back at last! - Huge Sale at Trinkets By Moonlight

Well all I can do is apologise for the absence of any blogs since January!!  I have several things to blame it on, actually I don't I have just one small but hugely demanding thing to blame it on, my new scrummy daughter, Bonnie.  After spending the first few months of the year feeling knackered due to being huge and pregnant I am now just knackered due to night feeds and running around like a headless chicken after my four year old and now 10 week old!  Bonnie finally arrived 12 days late on the 15th June and things have been very blurry since!  After being induced and having a fast 3 hour labour our beautiful little girl finally arrived weighing 8lb, she has gorgeous dark hair just like her daddy and is a real milk monster so growing very well, very quickly!! 

Well in between feeding, wiping bottoms and trying to keep my little monkeys entertained I have been, strangely enough, inspired!  I have had so many ideas over the past couple of weeks with new jewellery designs springing around in my head I just can't wait to get a bit of time to put them all into action.  Firstly though I am trying to make some room for new stock so I am having a sale on my website!  You can now get a huge 20% off all my stock just by entering AUG11 at checkout.  I want to make a whole new range and style so need a bit of a clear out of my other stock.  So please have a look and keep an eye out for my new range too which should hopefully, (if I get some time off for good behaviour from my girls!), be there in the next few weeks.  Keeping up with current trends my new range is going to incorporate pocket watches and also distressed photos and words, all along the lines of Alice in Wonderland.  I am so looking forward to getting it all underway!

Well I will keep you posted and will put a notice on here when my new range is on my website.

Heidi :)

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