Sunday, 4 September 2011

Time is of the Essence!

Well I have finally managed to get some time to myself!!  Yay!!  I don't know about you other mum's out there but whenever I get time to myself (very very rare!) I just feel in complete blind panic about what to make and how to use my time most productively.  My time was pretty limited and as I have recently brought some new Tim Holtz products, polymer clay and had some pocket watch designs to carry out I was just in a huge flap!  Anyway I managed to complete one of my pocket watches and it turned out really well, it was nice to do a bit of beading again and to put the solder torch down for a bit. 


I have photographed the pocket watch on some pages of an old copy of Alice In Wonderland as it just seemed so well suited!  I think the photos have come out quite well as I must admit I am not the greatest photographer but I am pleased with the results. 

I just love trying out new crafts and at the moment my head is in a spin with all the things I want to try.  My main problem is having the time to let out all my creativeness and to try all these new crafts!! It's just a shame my pocket watches don't create a bit more time in the day!!!! x

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