Monday, 20 January 2014

Hello Sleep - Hello 2014!!


I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas and have fallen back into the daily routines nice and easily! 

As with every New Year I write a blog about how I'm going to do this that and the other, going to blog much more regularly blah blah blah! Well this year I am not going to make any promises as to be honest I seem to blink and the years gone!  I know I can't blame everything on sleep deprivation but I'm going to.  The last few years have honestly gone by in a complete blur!!

So talking of sleep deprivation, after visiting a homeopath and getting them to prescribe some remedies for my youngest we have finally been getting sleep!  It's like a miracle, a real real miracle.  This is a child who would wake for hours on end, every night without fail screaming blue murder until we gave her milk.  She has one meeting with a homeopath, we receive the remedies which she takes before bed and piff paff poof she's sleeping through the night! It's amazing! We actually get to sleep now, like real proper sleep, like real normal people! I can't even describe the effects it has had on us.  I feel revitalised and my head is spinning with things I want to do and changes I want to make.  I can honestly say the most shocking thing I have noticed is when I look back on the last few years how blurry everything feels.  I have real trouble remembering really what went on and however I can remember some of the thoughts i was having back then and now I find it hard to believe I would think like that. I really believe I was irrational and it does worry me slightly at how off balance I must have been.  We have friends who we just haven't seen for years that have just fallen by the wayside, they've given up asking, we always would refuse so why wouldn't they?  The pure exhaustion of sleep deprivation had put us in a place where I really think our bodies and heads were verging on hibernation!! Our social life was non-existent, the thought of holding a conversation with someone and having to find something to say other than screaming "WE HAVEN'T SLEPT FOR YEARS!!!!!" was exhausting in itself, and we knew on our return the kids would be up all hours whilst our lucky companions would go home to a restful nights sleep.  I can only see this now that the fog has lifted, I feel like I can see things just a bit clearer now!  Sleep deprivation really does effect every fibre of your being, emotionally, physically, socially. So please please please, if anyone ever knows of anyone suffering with sleep deprivation due to a restless child or just because they suffer from insomnia or any other sleep problems please send them to a homeopath or at least give them a hug and offer them a night off!!

Whats happening at Trinkets HQ!

Anyway needless to say all my plans for last year never happened, but this year with my sleep filled nights i am determined to experiment more with my jewellery, I already have some new projects underway and some designs which are in progress.

Other than my plans for jewellery I am also planning to start the 5:2 diet next week.  Ummmmm... .we'll see how that goes! It just sounds so great from a weight loss perspective as well as the amazing effects it can have on you medically.  I'm not getting any younger and whilst I'm still (just about) in my thirties I feel I should be showing myself a bit of love!  I shall let you all know how it goes!

This week my family have also started our '100 Acts Of Kindness' challenge.  A friend has put this idea up on Facebook and I thought it was a really great idea!  You have 26 days to do 100 acts of kindness, every week you get set a challenge, it started today and the first challenge was to cut out 10 hearts and write a brief note on them and leave them in unexpected places for family members you love.  I really love this idea, such a simple way of encouraging the kids and us to remember to be kind in a really simple but effective way.  Every week it will be something different like making a bird feeder to be kind to the environment or doing something nice for a neighbour.  If you want further information just follow this link: -

Right I'm going to go and get some more work done on some designs I'm trying to get ready for Valentines Day! These are my latest! 

Hope you like them! Heidi x

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