Tuesday, 5 October 2010

aaahhhh!! I hate taking photos!

So today I have sat down with my camera to attempt to update my photos.  People have commented that the wooden background doesn't show my jewellery off to its best potential so I have been scouring every source of surface to find the ideal background.  Today I have been using leaves and some textured white paper.  I really liked the original photos but so many people have said they don't show up my jewellery that I felt I should do as I was told!! Anyway this is the new look of the photos, I still haven't decided whether to use the white paper or the leaf or a combination of both, any comments would be greatly appreciated.


I really don't enjoy this part of selling my jewellery.  Especially as I have just received a package from my suppliers, Cooksongold.  I am experimenting with some copper clay at the moment and can't wait to get my paws on it and start making some pendants with a leaf mould I took whilst out in the New Forest the other weekend.  But I think this may have to wait until tomorrow when little D is at preschool and I can relax into it a bit more! 

Today I have been writing another 'Insight blog' for http://www.ukhandmade.ning.com/.  They wanted me to write a piece on Trinkets By Moonlight and the person behind it (that's me!).  I didnt realise how much I enjoyed just writing about jewellery and my inspirations etc.  I had to provide some photos too, these are some of the pictures I took for the piece: -

My Inspiration at the moment.

My latest jewellery pieces

My mid-project not so tidy desk!!

My Tidy Desk

Well I had better go and try to sort out these photos whilst little D is having a sleep!  Once I have some of my copper pendants ready to show off I will post a few of them on here!  Also today my new diamond drill bit arrived so I can finally get to drill some holes in my beautiful French sea glass treasure!
Bye Bye x

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