Monday, 1 November 2010

Photography Light Box!

Hi All
Sorry it has once again been a long time since i have posted.  I have been busy updating websites, etsy/coriandr and misi shops and making jewellery ready for parties, craft fairs etc.  Anyway I have finally made 10 minutes free so I can quickly post a little blog to keep you all up to date with what I have been up to.  Firstly I promised to post the link for the lightbox I made: -  This website has lots of good information about photographing jewellery and how to get the best images etc.  This is a picture of my lightbox which I made, loosely adapting the materials I had and the information on the above website! 

It's a bit basic but it does the trick, and my daughter loves using it as a tent!!  I keep finding her sneaking inside it!  I have just put white crepe paper over the top and the structure is made from some craft board I brought at Hobbycraft.

I have a very busy winter season coming up with craft fairs nearly every weekend, firstly I will be at the H@ndmade Craft Fair in Winchester on Sunday 13th November.  This is a great even with lots of likeminded craftsmen showing off all their handmade goods.  I am really looking forward to this event and I will be exhibing there with my sister and her gorgeous cupcakes  As for all my other events please check out my website for details of them. 

And finally just to let you know that if you wanted to see some of my jewellery pieces I am exhibiting some pieces in The Art House Cafe in Southampton.  The Art House Cafe is a great volunteer run arts venue and cafe in Southampton.  They serve delicious organic food and drink (and gorgeous cake) in inspiring surroundings. There is a selection of arts and crafts from local artists. For directions etc please see their website

Well I will post some more images of my current designs shortly.

Take Care, Heidi x

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