Friday, 26 November 2010

Father Christmas is on his way!! Yippee!!

Well the last few weeks has been so busy I am really starting to feel a bit like one of Father Christmas' helpers!  I have been really busy with craft fairs, Christmas orders and trying to keep my website and various other on line shops up to date.  I am starting to feel a bit worn out with it all now!  I had a fantastic day at Winchester Guildhall with the H@ndmade Craft fairs, it was a really great day with lots of sales and great comments.  Having such a successful day is really lovely but meant I was then under great pressure to restock as I was at Whiteley Shopping Centre for three days last weekend.  Wow it was so cold there!  Being sat there for three days solid in the cold has resulted in me having a really lovely cold this week, just what I needed!  Anyway Whiteley was a good experience but one that I probably wouldn't repeat.  It's been a year for me trying out craft fairs to try and figure out which ones are best and to see if there is any pattern as to which ones are more profitable.  I would like to say I had figured out a pattern to it all but it seems that there is no exact science as to knowing when you are going to do well and when you won't.  It's all just trial and error, although I have made a promise to myself to not do a three day event again, it's just so tiring.  This weekend I am at the Southampton Arts and Craft Christmas Fair.  I have done this for the last couple of years and is always a really great event with lots of lovely arts and crafts.  Here are a few of my latest designs which have just been added to my website.

This pendant was created with the idea of the sea and a moonlit sky.  The small blue moonstone fits in perfectly with my overal idea and the oxidised hammered marks look like the sparkling night sea.

This piece was handcut from silver sheet and once again inspired by nature.  As I was walking around the park looking at all the wintry bare trees I thought it would be nice to capture this on a pendant.  I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

I have also been making lots of earrings with different gorgeous gemstones: -

I have used a really nice selection of gemstones, prehnite, citrine, amazonite and of course everyones favourite rose quartz! 

Well this week I have been trying to slow down a bit and thought I would just post a little piccie of my daughter helping me make a Christmas cake yesterday, all ready for Father Christmas.

The tasting was done before the Brandy was added!  I promise, although she did sleep well last night?!?! umm....

Well off to snuggle up with a Christmas DVD now with Darcy to help get us in the mood, like we need any help!

Take Care
Heidi x

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