Friday, 28 May 2010

New Baby Niece!!

Well what a surprise I had this week my new gorgeous niece arrived, a week early!!! On Tuesday night we had a phone call which resulted in a quick drop off of niece No 1 as my sister was dashed into hospital a week early to have Niece No 2! So exciting, this time round it was a pretty quick delivery, one night of contractions, in hospital at 4am, new baby arrives at 6am, back home by 2pm!! Needless to say they are completely ecstatic but shellshocked aswell to have this gorgeous bundle so suddenly appear, well i say suddenly, it did feel like my sister was pregnant for about 3 years but the end was pretty rapid! Anyway my new Niece is just perfect like the last one, cute, adorable and just like their Auntie!! hee!!hee!!

As for the jewellery, well I have been trying out some byzantine chainmaille designs, the first time I have tried chainmaille but boy am I addicted!! It is so therapeutic with really beautiful end results. I have made one, pictured below, which was my first attempt and I was so pleased with it I then went on to make another one with heavier jump rings and oxidised it and it now sits firmly on my husbands wrist, never to be given back!!! He absolutely loves it and it looks really great.
Thanks Mia for getting me hooked on yet another aspect of jewellery making which is completely addictive!!!
I have got a few craft fairs coming up next month and will post all the dates soon.
Off to buy lots of pink things for my new niece now!


  1. Congratulations Heidi! Enjoy the 'pink' shopping!
    The bracelet is great - I did warn you byzantine is addictive though!

  2. Thanks Jo! Yes the byzantine is very addictive!! Various members of family are finding themselves with new bracelets now! As usual though I am the last one to get one! Oh well!


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