Thursday, 10 January 2013


Well Happy New Year to you all!!

I hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas and a nice break over the festive season. 

So last year my blogs were a bit sparse so in 2013 I am going to attempt (no promises made) to keep a more up to date blog.  I am sure I said the same thing last year, but this year I mean it!!! (May have also said this last year too)! To be honest life just whizzes by and before I know it another 6 months have passed!!

My creative mind and fingers have had a rest over the festive period, after a very busy Christmas build up.  So on my 'things to learn' list this year I have: -

knitted sterling silver jewellery
resin work

I am already getting myself geared up to try some gorgeous knitted jewellery designs.  Ok so if my sister is reading this, yes I have a half knitted very wonky and holey looking scarf stuffing in the back of my wardrobe!! I have admitted it, I am very bad at knitting!! I am just hoping that knitting on a smaller more delicate scale will suit me?!?! Ummm.... I'll let you know how that goes, or doesn't as the case may be!!

Other than the usual, eat less, drink more (wine not water!! hee!! haa!!), lose weight, exercise etc I don't have any alternative resolutions!  So have any of you planned of new things to learn this year?!? A year of new challenges would be good, challenges in a good way not a "I have a disastrous life and everything is a challenge kind of way!".  My gorgeous big (and older) sister, Claire, hits the big 40 this year so I am thinking of maybe a challenge or two to send her way .... maybe a sky dive? .... wingwalking?!?! who knows but i shall think of something! Ideas on a postcard please! 

Have a great january and stay warm!!
Heidi x

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  1. So have you written this blog just for me?? I like the way you put BIG sister and older , like I am big.Just to let everyone know I am not big..but I am going to be 40! Good luck with your knitting (sniggers behind her hand) Im sure it will turn out amazing like all your other beautiful jewellery.


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