Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!  Things here were a bit hectic with orders leading up to Christmas and then quite full on over the Christmas holiday!  Now it seems I have blinked and it's all over and here we are back to the dreadful school run!  All of a sudden both my girls seem to be sleeping really well and I am having to wake them in the morning!  Why oh why oh why didn't this happen in the school holidays?!?! aarrgghh!!

Anyway my New Years resolutions are quite simple!  To try and concentrate on myself just a tiny bit more than I usually do!  At the moment my needs are right at the bottom of the pile, as our most parents, however I really need to try and focus this year on getting my business more successful and giving myself a good challenge!  I am not sure what this challenge will be but I am on the look out for it! Although saying that at the moment getting out the door at 8.30am each morning is quite a good challenge! Other resolutions are the same as everyone elses, not to eat and drink so much, save money and stop spending!!  All easier said then done!  So what are your new years resolutions?!?!  Most people say that they are a waste of time but at least it gives you something to aim for, January can seem so dull and depressing I think it's important to have something to aim towards. 

Anyway I have some orders to sort out but will post some new designs on here soon.  I am in the process of ordering some new equipment too (what did I say about stop spending money!! ummm.... it's business surely that's allowed!)

Happy New Year
Heidi : )

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  1. Good luck with that..ha ha let me know how it works out. x


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